5 Important Tips Before Hiring Audio Visual Professionals

Professional audio-visual equipment is an easy thing to come by, however looking for the people to make it all work is a much harder task.

You want to make sure the people you’re hiring are the best in your area, and that they can make your sketches a reality, while also considering your budget.

1. Planning

This is your first step before interviewing your AV provider. Sketch up a basic plan of what you want in your space. Whether it be for an office party, communal event or just a local organization wanting to update their equipment, you need a general budget and idea of what you need. Try not to go into too much detail here, the small details are for your AV company to work through with you.

Don’t forget to factor in your budget, if you pay for the electricity in the space, all the little things that require power can add up to a hefty bill at the end of the event.

2. Who to hire

When you hire a place for your event, they often have their own AV company they work with, but finding an out-of-the-house company may be cheaper. While the in-house company may have better knowledge about the space, an out-of-the-house company will embrace the new challenges and be ready to make your idea a reality.

In-house companies are used to this space and type of events, you may be surprised at what an out-of-the-house can bring to the table.

3. After the event

If you’re uploading the event to the internet, you want to make sure that the AV company knows what they’re doing and that you won’t lose your recording.  Always ask the AV company what quality they are filming in, (High definition should always be the answer), who owns the video after, (by copyright laws, it’s you since you hired them), and where can I see the video after.

Some companies will insist on uploading videos on their website or YouTube channel, meaning it is under their power to delete the video if they wish. Always make sure that the video is uploaded to your own website or YouTube channel first, rather than allowing the company to take over.

4. Equipment

A company is only as good as the equipment they supply. A quick Google search can show you what equipment could work best for your event before making the call.

If the company you’re interested in has a low end or outdated professional audio-visual equipment, your event could turn out less than perfect, it’s always worth asking around and getting the specifics on their audio-visual equipment.

5. During the event

If you’re just looking for professional audio video equipment for your space, it’s important to buy from places that provide technical support and can answer any questions you have.

You want to ensure they provide good value equipment that will last a while. Also, if any technical problems arise while using the equipment, knowing the company is there to help is a big plus.