A complete Guide for Getting an Executive Portrait

CEOportrait_0229For the CEO of any company, you should never use a profile picture when you are a riding a bike. You need to portray a professional image to the viewers. If you have an executive portrait then crop it to fill the frame with your face and then use it. But there are few things you should consider before having a professional headshot. You need to hire a professional photographer who will advise you and will give you directions. Be natural. If someone is going to meet you for the first time at lunch or coffee then he/she will recognize you through your profile picture on your LinkedIn profile. Here are the few things you should also consider before having a professional and executive portrait.

Hire a Professional

It only seems fair, when you are a CEO of a company and you want to your viewers to see your actual face then you should consider hiring a professional photographer for your executive portraits which will turn to your business headshots. A professional will use proper lighting and he will provide all the arrangements to get a professional and executive look. He will also guide you to make a good expression which is always a key to impress others. There are a lot more chances that people will view your profile if you will have a professional headshot on your profile picture.

It should looks like you

Let’s give you an example, whenever I am about to meet someone for the first time, I see his/her profile picture to get an idea that how he/she will look like in real. Same goes here. People who will meet you for the first time, they will have an image in the back of their minds. If you are nothing like a picture on your profile then it will be a bad impact on them.


The right Expressions

Expressions say it all. Your right expression is everything. When you are hiring a professional photographer for a proper business headshot, he will give you some ideas about the expressions. You need an expression which is right for your viewers. It is all about having a first impression. Your profile picture is a first impression on your viewers. They will see you first and will read about you later. You can then crop your executive portrait and can have a wonderful business headshot to show all of your viewers.