Advantages of Cloud-based Accounting Software

When it comes to cloud-based accounting software, there are several distinct advantages.

There are distinct advantages of cloud-based accounting software when compared to traditional accounting software. Among the most impressive is the large capacity for data storage. Many providers offer unlimited storage. Automation is another key advantage of accounting software, and when combined with the online storage, it provides backups and improved data security. For many users, an online cloud-based system is the best accounting software for small business.


Updating and Innovations

The online accounting software provider handles updating, revisions, and innovations. The user does not have to perform these tasks since the system keeps the software and data in the cloud-based structure. This service saves time and effort and avoids downtime while installing updates. Unlike traditional software, there is a longer useful life for cloud-based systems since providers can make innovations and improvement on a continuous basis without the extra costs and effort of updating thousands of user locations.

Customer Relations Management

A critical function for nearly every business is to manage customer relations. The effectiveness of invoicing and prompt payment systems can trigger success and positive growth. Electronic online invoicing saves time and expense. With advanced software, the invoices can be customized and add to a positive business appearance. Further advances in E-mail invoicing accommodate instant customer response. They can elect immediate payment from within the E-mail invoice. This feature saves time for the customer and promotes prompt payment for the system user. Customized invoices bearing the company logo create positive impressions. If one needs to correct or re-send an invoice, users can handle the issue in a matter of minutes, and the automatic record keeping functions will keep a running track of every invoice and related document.


Subscribers can access the accounting software at any time and from any place connected to the Internet. Some software provides for multiple users, and this feature promotes collaborations among users who are separated by distance. Continuous access extends work period for subscribers and accommodates travel and work from remote locations. Continuous access from any location makes an online system the best accounting software for small business.

Remote and Mobile Access

Users can access traditional software installed on computers and servers from regular workstations. The system might require a third party add-on to offer access from remote locations and from a range of mobile devices. Online systems offer access from any location and from most mobile devices including phones. Users can stay connected to the system and use information, tools, and other system resources. Accounting software’s, such as the ones found at, can assist in project management and tasks as well as internal management functions. Managers can stay abreast of developments in key accounts and projects from any location and at any time.

Security Systems

The cloud-based systems are remote to the user, and incidents that affect the user’s location will not affect cloud-based systems. This built-in protection includes accidents and unforeseen events that cause loss or damage to equipment. Computers and servers can fail or experience virus-induced problems and hacking. Providers expend substantial resources to protect cloud-based systems and hardware. The vast volume of successful daily uses without incident is persuasive proof of safety. Security concerns are understandable, and the risks may be remote but customers and users remain cautious. The provider offers redundant security safeguards that are far more thorough and robust than those that companies use to protect on-site computers and servers.

Customer Service

Users prefer software that is easy to use and that does not require extensive accounting knowledge. Customer support is a key element of online service. Prompt assistance can avoid small confusions becoming bugger issues.

Linking Accounts and Payments

Users can link online accounting software to banking accounts, credit cards and cover multiple locations. Once configured, transactions on bank accounts, credit lines, and invoices will appear in the program files. With linked accounts, the online system acts as a central repository for information, and it is easier to manage the overall financial health of the business. With continuous and remote access managers can stay on top of financial matters at any time and from any Web location.

Automation and Time Saving

Online systems have the same advantages of server-based systems as to automation of manual tasks. One can integrate the accounting software into the needed functions such as billing, expense tracking, and project management. The further advantage of online systems is the ease of access. Online access also promotes easier collaboration with outside partners like accountants and investors. Users save time on back-ups and the automatic back-up feature ensures that one will not lose data and documents.

Reports and Data Presentations

Online software makes reports and presentations easier because of continuous access and collaboration capacity. It is particularly useful for quarterly for annual tax matters. Financing options require extensive data preparation, and both server and online systems can provide the records and support needed for those functions. Online access adds flexibility to the process providing opportunities to work and collaborate while at distant locations or traveling. One can oversee critical categories like accounts receivable aging reports from any location and at any time.

Best Value Is the Best Fit

Small business owners and managers often state that the best software is the one that fits my business best. The test of any software system is how well it matches the needs of the business. Sage One offers advanced accounting software features including customizable invoices and customer relations management. It is ideal for small businesses and start-ups. Sage One offers ease of use and high levels of customer support including continuous access to resources for resolving issues and answering questions. They offer extended hours of live support. Customers can take a demonstration before the trial period to experience the system in a hands-on manner. The combination of service, support, and security makes it the best accounting software for small business.