Cases Handled By Criminal Lawyers In Toronto

People who get trapped in the law system due to any kind of misconduct and offence of any intensity assume that they must get in touch with the Toronto criminal lawyer immediately. However this ideology does not stand true on any given grounds. This is because different offence that may lead to imprisonment and penalties requires a different eye to introspect. Different lawyer specialized in different areas of practice must be contacted for different cases.

Similarly, criminal lawyers in Toronto practicing independently or under the guidance and name of Toronto criminal law firm only look into cases that fall under specific jurisdiction and execution. Few are mentioned below:

  • Assault: It basically a situation when an anti-social element enforces themselves on an innocent with a motive of extracting money. The assault may happen through bodily force applied, threaten with a weapon or both. It is a severe criminal offence and deserves a severe punishment of equivalent impact. As per the Canadian law, assault using weapon may lead to maximum of 10 years of imprisonment. Rishma Gupta criminal lawyer Toronto can help one get out of this messy situation.
  • Bail hearing: Once someone has been arrested under certain charges of offence or misconduct, they are entitled with the right to bail hearings. After keeping them in custody for couple of days, the accused is brought in front of the magistrate for the hearing. On the basis of arguments presented, they may provide bail to the accused to gather evident that proves them innocent. And if the offence and conduct is severe and may put the citizen at risk, the bail may stand cancelled. Cylex offers you more information.
  • Drug offence: This is considered to be serious offence among other criminal activities. This may be situation that the accused has possessed drugs, found circulating and smuggling the same. Actually, what makes it completely an illegal activity as it seriously challenges the moralities of the existing generations and the generations to come. No country can afford to allow such movement because it will poison the citizens hugely with serious after effects.
  • Murder: This tops the list of criminal offence in regards to a life threatening act. This has been seen as cruellest crime ever as taking away someone’s life does not deserve any mercy. Typically no excuse is accepted during such trial however if justified and represented well may bring a sigh of relief to the accused. Visit Tupalo for more information.
  • Robbery: It can be understood as an act of intruding someone else’s property or asset or stealing away their prized possessions be it jewellery, furniture, gadgets etc. This too faces severe consequences and may lead to a life imprisonment too depending on the intensity of the act.

Sexual assault: As the name suggests it is a kind of assault which is sexual in nature. This again holds and brings greater consequence both in terms of punishment that is imprisonment with penalty and a disturbed and challenged track record throughout the life. This puts the complainants under terrible metal trauma and hence deserves strict action.