Common Metals and Toxins in the Body

There are many metals and toxins that our body comes into contact with daily. Even if you don’t happen to be in a highly polluted area or take extra caution to avoid areas that might be dangerous to one’s health, this doesn’t always mean that you’re free from these contaminants.  Everyone comes into contact with them because there is a vast amount of them around. While it’s impossible to fully avoid them, there are a few ways you can help to prevent them from taking over your health. Below is a bit more about the types of common metals and toxins found in the body and some ways you can help to detox them from it.

Common Metals and Toxins

While our body thrives with metals like calcium and magnesium, some other ones aren’t so good for us. Three of the worst ones, and the most commonly found in the body, are mercury, lead, and cadmium. All of these particles are often found in the air and even sometimes the food that we eat. Because of this, they can soak into our skin or be unknowingly consumed with our snacks and meal choices. While small amounts of these metals aren’t necessarily harmful, they can eventually cause major health issues like nausea, dizziness, vomiting, cardiovascular problems, and even a loss of energy.

Other toxins we often come into contact with besides these metals are things like fluoride, pesticides, Blue 2 (a type of clothing dye), and chlorine. These are all very common toxins that we usually come into contact with daily which makes them hard to avoid.

Ways to Detox

It might seem like it’s hopeless when it comes to fully getting rid of these nasty particles, but it can be done. There are a few ways you can help to remove harmful toxins and metals from your body instantly.

Drink Plenty of Water

One of the best ways you can help to remove these things from your body is by drinking plenty of water. Water will help to not only hydrate your body, but flush out toxins that might be in your blood. Better yet, you can sometimes add some unique flavors to the water with slices of fruits and vegetables which can add even more vitamins and nutrients to the drink to help fight off these harmful things.

Use Detox Foot Patches

Another great way you can rid your body of toxins and metals is by using detox foot patches. Made with natural ingredients, these items can be placed on the bottom of your feet where they’ll get to work quickly drawing out the toxins that are making you feel sick and sluggish. You can then remove them from your feet after a few hours of having been on.

It’s difficult to fully prevent yourself from being affecting by these common metals and toxins. However, by using the detoxing methods mentioned above, you can help your body to fight off and get rid of these deadly particles so you not only feel better, but stay healthy.