The Famous Criminal Lawyers In Melbourne

The role of criminal lawyers is very crucial since the defendant may either escape or loose life depending on the decisions of the defence lawyer. The defense lawyer can save the defendant from the judgement against him. Apart from the court proceedings the lawyer can make the defendant aware of the unexpected incidents he or she is going through. There are many famous criminal lawyers in Melbourne who are distinguished professionals for their efficient service stories. The competition between the defense advocates in Melbourne is very high since the number of lawyers is increasing. However, some of them keep the goodwill and trust intact from the beginning. The brief descriptions of the most popular are given below:

Navado Group of lawyers

The team was founded in 2001 with a motto to provide the clients all the legal assistance in affordable charges. Today, the Navado team has become a second to none corporate identity. Because, they have the most skilled lawyers, public accountants, agents of tax, financial planners and mortgage brokers for the service. This makes them the most asked for defendant pleader around Melbourne. The head office of the team is located in Melbourne CBD. The other branches are located in Parramatta, Chatswood and Hurtsville. The clients have a chance to send message or ask any queries about their case using the contact information given in the official website. The phone number to contact the lawyer in the team is (02) 9233 4048.

The criminal lawyers of the team are experienced, efficient and trained in criminal law. They can assist the clients all matters of criminal law. They have lawyers who have represented clients in local, state and federal courts if Australia. Some of the criminal law areas which the lawyers have made their landmark success stories are noted below:

  1. Affray
  2. Appeals
  3. Arrests
  4. Assaults
  5. Assault police
  6. Forfeiture of assets
  7. Applications for bail
  8. Centrelink offences
  9. Children issues
  10. Committal hearings
  11. Criminal charges
  12. Deception offences
  13. Domestic violence
  14. Offences related to drugs consumption
  15. Homicide
  16. Offences related to firearms
  17. Murder
  18. Law for minors
  19. Theft or stealing
  20. Penalties
  21. Search warrants
  22. Offences related to taxation
  23. Offences related to sex
  24. Crime by white collar

In case of representation needed out of Melbourne, the lawyers of the team are available. This is an advantage of the team over the other culprit’s counsels in Melbourne. The details of the fixed fees are given in the official website. However, court appearance fee for criminal cases are around one thousand one hundred dollars. The team gives the clients the tailor-made solutions to their legal issues by analysing the real legal issues from the pile of facts and stories said by the clients.


The aim of attaining equilibrium of both legal and financial aspects of the individual cases is what that makes the team very different from the other criminal lawyers in Melbourne.