My trip to Europe

Once I get a think that it would be great to spend my holidays not in Ukraine, but go somewhere abroad. So, during reading newspapers and magazines I decided to go to Europe.

There were some reasons to go there:

1. I know English and could improve it there
2. It was my dream since my childhood to visit old Europe and to feel myself like a little prince.
3. Europe is really interesting historically. There are so many places which could tell you a lot about different tie periods. (I like history so much. It is one of my hobbies)

I choose May, like a date when I’ll go abroad.

Europe in May isn’t attacked yet by a summer heat so here very comfortable and pleasant weather. It is possible to tell that May is ideal time for excursion around the ancient European cities which didn’t lose the medieval and new European spirit. Bus tours can be found actually to any European country. The most the cheapest option, perhaps, will be to go to the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary to which it isn’t so far.
All this information I have found in my favorite magazines. But my friends prompted to me that it will be better to find information in the Internet, because there are many sites that could help to find the best proposition for you. And I have found 2Polyglot

Here I found professional guide whom help me so much.

Why I choose this site?

First, it is easy in using.

Second, you can find there everything you want (guide, translator, teacher etc.)
I called to the manager of this site. She told me that they can organize the trip in many countries and proposes to me excursions across the Scandinavian countries where severe weather by May gives way warm and rather solar though sometimes the sky is shrouded by clouds. Same concerns also Baltic where at this time it can be slightly cool.
But most of all she recommended to sweep on the numerous cities of Western Europe — Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. Each of these countries “is decorated” with a scattering of sights, masterpieces of architecture and the well-known museums. Such trips in May not too tire, and during numerous walks the heat doesn’t bother.
I choose Western Europe
Bus trips are is specific rest for active people. Night moving is especially heavy. But in total with unusual emotions, acquaintance to history and traditions of various countries and their people which are very much inspires and you don’t feel fatigue. I choose a bus tour “All Italy , Austria and German” without night moving. We looked at masterpieces of the Dresden gallery and Uffitsa. Rose by the Tower of Pisa. It is possible to walk on streets of the Eternal city. Enjoyed architecture Duomov in Milan. And of course it is worth trying the Vienna desserts.

In German (Berlin), after the end of excursion, everyone wandered aimlessly. My eyes looked at the Reichstag (it is the Bundestag). Over a roof of the majestic building the observation deck in the form of a huge glass hemisphere height, probably, of 50 meters if it is no more functions. Access to a platform free, then I and some other people from our group also used. Before an entrance to the Reichstag our clothes and bags were checked by watchwomen, then we rose on the elevator upward and surveyed evening Berlin. In the Reichstag I at first time saw the German police officers. If not jackets with the corresponding inscription, it would be possible to take them for seniors. Then we went for a walk around the city.